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We cater for anyone who needs a candle and has discovered the genius of renting instead of buying.
We cater for conferences, weddings,  funerals and functions: functions for work, functions for play, functions for church , dinner parties, birthday parties, just for the fun parties, 21sts, 31sts, 50ths 60ths and 80ths, anniversaries . If you are wanting to rent candles, rent candlestands, rent flower stands or confetti stands, look no further than Candles to Hire!


The purpose of a candle

A candle is generally used to provide light.

But, …. If the right candle is used correctly, in the right settings it can do so much more......

instead of just providing light it can provide life.
instead of the constant unchangeable mechanical beam of an electric bulb, a candle creates an organic lively mixture of warmth, light and aroma.

In essence - a candle creates atmosphere.

A candle can make a dead space come alive and transform any space from cold into warm and cozy. Candles turn tables into a conversation catalyst and a boring wall into a warm orange glow of dancing shadows, inviting you to enjoy the moment.

Where do we come in?

We rent out candles

You can almost order any size candle that you can think of, provided it is a cylinder a ball.
It is much cheaper than buying candles for the event.
When it comes to white candles, our candles are the whitest.

No matter how big or small we can do them all.

.......We do

  • ball candles
  • pillar candles
  • We no Longer Manufacture square candles
  • candles in a glass
  • floating candles
  • gel candles

most of these candles come in a smooth finish or a dripped finish.

In the spirit of Henry Ford
“You can have any colour candle your heart desires - as long as it is white.”

We also rent out


  • table stands
  • candle stands
  • flower stands for main tables in which you can arrange flowers, place glass vases and hold candles
  • flower stands for food tables, eating table’s time’s tables
  • floor stands for both candles vases and flowers
  • stands for the entrance of a venue
  • stands for the exit of a venue
  • stands for holding confetti
  • traditional arch under which you can stand when making your sacred vows.


  • Candles to be booked well in advance of the event.
  • 50% Deposit to confirm booking.
  • Outstanding amount payable on day of collection.
  • Collection a day or 2 before the function
  • Candles to be returned the following Monday.
  • Damaged or stolen candles - full replacement price of the candle.
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